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Cause 4 Concern (C4C) is a drum and bass recording and production group based in Guildford, Surrey, England. The group consists of Ed Holmes (Optiv), Mark Clements (Mark C4C), Stuart Perkins (Stu C4C), and Tobie Burrows. Founded in 1999, the group started their own record label, Cause 4 Concern Recordings, for releasing their own material. Since 1999, Cause 4 Concern produced over 30 releases of their own material, mostly on untitled 2-track 12" vinyl records. Their debut full-length album, Pandemic, was released on 26 August 2009. The CD release included a bonus mix disc covering the majority of their single releases to that date.

Cause 4 Concern also released several records under the aliases Nomis and Troubled Mindz.

C4C's track "Spasm" was featured in GTA III video game, on MSX FM radio.[citation needed][dubious ]

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