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Movie Poster: Cavegirl (1985)

The 1985 motion picture Cavegirl was written and directed by David Oliver.[1] The film tells the story of a clumsy high school boy named Rex (Daniel Roebuck) who gets lost in a cave while on a class excursion. A crystal opens a time portal and sends him back in time to caveman times. There he meets "smokin' hot" Eba (Cynthia Thompson). The antics follow as Rex tries to get Eba to sleep with him.

It is Stacey Q's film debut.


  • Daniel Roebuck as Rex
  • Cynthia Thompson as Eba (as Cindy Ann Thompson)
  • Darren Young as Dar
  • Saba Moor-Doucette as Saba (as Saba Moor)
  • Jeff Chayette as Argh
  • Charles Mitchell as Char
  • Cynthia Rullo as Aka
  • Tom Hamill as Casey
  • Bill Adams as Bill
  • Chris Noble as Hank
  • Bill Sehres as Ralph
  • Syndi King as Karen
  • A.A. Cavallaro as Rex's Father
  • Maggie Ostroff as Rex's Mother
  • Stacey Q as Brenda (as Stacey Swain)


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