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A Jebeji soldier

Jebeji (from Turkish Cebeci, pronounced [ˈdʒebedʒi]) was a military subunit of Ottoman Army's artillery corps.


Foundation date of the unit (Turkish: ocak) (pronounced [ˈodʒak]) is not known, but it appears that the Jebeji unit was founded in the 15th century.[1] It was one of the privileged units of the Ottoman army.[2] They were considered as a part of the Jannisary and based on devshirme system. Their commander was called Cebecibaşı. The unit was small and selected, numbering no more than 625 men in 1574.[3]


The Jebeji unit was in charge of maintenance and keeping the weaponry.[2] They were also responsible in transporting weapons to where they were needed.[3] During peace times, they kept the weaponry in arsenals named cephane. The Jebeji unit participated in all campaigns commanded by the sultan or the grand vizier. In other campaigns only a part of the unit participated.[4]


In most İstanbul revolts during the stagnation and decline periods of the Ottoman Empire, the Jebeji units acted together with the jannisary, and in 1826, when the Jannisary was abolished by Sultan Mahmud II following the Auspicious Incident, Cebeci units were also abolished.


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