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Cecil Hobart Peabody (1855 – 1934) was an American mechanical engineer, born at Burlington, Vt. He graduated in 1877 at MIT, where in 1883 he became assistant professor of steam engineering and in 1893 professor of marine engineering and naval architecture. Between graduation and his return to Boston he had been professor of mathematics in the Sapporo Imperial Agricultural College of Japan and assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the University of Illinois. His publications include

  • Tables of the Properties of Saturated Steam and Other Vapors (1888; eighth edition, 1909)
  • Thermodynamics of the Steam Engine (1889; sixth edition, 1910)
  • Valve Gear for Steam Engines (1892)
  • Steam Boilers, with E. F. Miller, (1897; third edition, 1912)
  • The Steam Engine Indicator (1900)
  • Naval Architecture (1904; third edition, 1911)
  • Propellers (1912)
  • Computations for Marine Engines (1913)

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