Cedar Boys

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Cedar Boys
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Serhat Caradee[1]
Produced by Ranko Markovic, Matthew Dabner, Jeff Purser
Written by Serhat Caradee
Starring Les Chantery
Buddy Dannoun
Waddah Sari
Rachael Taylor
Martin Henderson
Daniel Amalm
Distributed by Hoyts
Release date
  • 10 June 2009 (2009-06-10) (Sydney)
  • 30 July 2009 (2009-07-30) (Australia)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Australia
Language English
Budget $1.3M[2]
Box office $204,160

Cedar Boys is a 2009 Australian film about the life of Middle Eastern young adults in Western Sydney, Australia.[3] Written, Directed and co-Produced by Serhat Caradee and produced by Matthew Dabner, Ranko Markovic, Jeff Purser. Cedar Boys had its world premiere at the 2009 Sydney Film Festival. It opened in theatres on 30 July 2009 and was made available on DVD on 7 December 2009. The film has a dedication at the end to Caradee's mother, who died of cancer nineteen days after the film was completed.

The film won the Audience Award during the 56th 2009 Sydney International Film Festival and was nominated for "Best Film" category at the 2009 Kodak Inside Film Awards in Sydney. It was an official selection in many festivals including Vancouver, Chicago, Antalya, Dubai and the 2010 London Australian Film Festival.


Tarek (Les Chantery) a Lebanese-Australian, living in Sydney's tough western suburbs wants to help his imprisoned older brother, Jamal (Bren Foster) but can't afford the costs. His mate Nabil (Buddy Dannoun), a cleaner persuades Tarek to steal drugs from a drugs depot and their drug dealing friend Sam (Waddah Sari) helps in distribution. Meanwhile, Tarek has met Amie (Rachael Taylor), an Anglo-Australian girl who likes to party and to snort cocaine.


  • Rachael Taylor as Amie
  • Martin Henderson as Mathew
  • Les Chantery as Tarek
  • Daniel Amalm as Cassar
  • Serhat Caradee as Zac[1]
  • Bren Foster as Jamal
  • Waddah Sari as Sam
  • Buddy Dannoun as Nabil
  • Matuse Terror as Hamdi
  • Ian Roberts as Bell Room Door Man
  • Drew Pearson as Camera News Man
  • Erica Lovell as Brigid[4]
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Assad
  • Hani Malik as Walid
  • Taffy Hany as Yousaf Ayoub
  • Yasser Assadi as Ali
  • Vico Thai as Police Officer
  • Jake Wall as Simon
  • Dan Mor as Danny
  • Hunter McMahon as Craig
  • Jayb Hoyt as Brian
  • Clint Facey as Sean
  • Eddie Idik as Bell Room Doorman 2
  • Helen Chebatte as Huda

Film festivals[edit]


  • Sydney Film Festival Audience Award - Serhat Caradee - Won
  • Australian Directors Guild (ADG), Best Direction - Serhat Caradee - Nominated
  • Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards, Best Original Screenplay - Serhat Caradee - Nominated
  • Australian Writers Guild (AWGIE) - Serhat Caradee - Nominated
  • Inside Film Awards, Best Film - Serhat Caradee - Nominated

Budget, Reception and Box Office[edit]

Cedar Boys cost $1.3M.[2] The film received mixed reviews[5][6] from critics. Cedar Boys grossed $354,160 at the box office in Australia.[7] But did extremely well on the DVD for Sony Home Entertainment, Apple iTunes, VOD markets and has a huge cult following in the suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane due to its outsiders subject matter and multiple screening on Australian television and cable via Showtime and Movie Classics channel.

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