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Ceili Rain is a Celtic music influenced Syracuse, New York based band led by Bob Halligan, Jr., founded in May 1995. As the group’s founder Bob Halligan, Jr. explains, in Gaelic, the word "Céili" (pronounced kay-lee) means "party", specifically one with live musicians, dancing, and general merriment for an all-ages crowd. "Coeli" is a form of the Latin word for "heaven". Rain is English, meaning downpour. Thus, according to Halligan, Ceili Rain is a "downpour of heavenly partiness."


Current members[edit]

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  • "Say Kay-lee" (Punch Records) — (1997)
  • We're Makin' A Party LIVE! — (1999) Recorded July 30, 1999 at Schouler Park, North Conway, NH directly to D.A.T. from house mixing console.
  • Erasers On Pencils— (2000)
  • No You, No Me (Cross Driven Records) — (2002)
  • Change In Your Pocket — (2004)
  • Anthology: 1995-2005 (Tag Artist Group) — (2005)
  • Whatever Makes You Dance — (2006)
  • I Made Lemonade - (2009)
  • Manuka Honey - (2011)
  • Hymns & Hers - (2014)


  • Anthology: 1995-2005 (DVD) (Balance Studios) — (2005)
  • Like A Train: 2005 (Music Video) (Music Video of the Year UCMVA Awards)— (Balance Studios)(2005)
  • Hallways of Always: 2006 (Music Video) (Music Video of the Year UCMVA Awards)— (Balance Studios)(2005-2006)
  • STOMP: 2005 (Music Video) — (Balance Studios)(2005)

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