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Cychod Hir Celtaidd - Celtic Longboats Madryn and Mererid are the two Celtic longboats belonging to Clwb Rhwyfo Pwllheli - Pwllheli Rowing Club. The crews regularly take part in races to Wicklow and back. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/welsh/hi/newsid_4970000/newsid_4978400/4978454.stm

The Celtic Longboat is a rowing boat used for coastal and ocean rowing, racing, training and recreation. It has four sweep-oared rowers and a cox.

Racing this type of boat has a long history on the West Wales coast.

The Welsh Sea Rowing Association is the body that governs racing and overseas Celtic Longboat racing events. There are several Celtic Longboat Clubs throughout Wales.[citation needed]

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