Censorship and Entertainment Control Act, 1967

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Censorship and Entertainments Control Act
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Parliament of Zimbabwe
(then Parliament of Rhodesia)
An Act to prohibit or restrict the importation, production and dissemination of undesirable publications, pictures, statues and records.
Citation Act No. 37 of 1967
Territorial extent Zimbabwe
Date commenced 1 December 1967
Administered by Minister of Law and Order
Censorship and Entertainments Control Amendment Act 22 of 2001
Status: In force

The Censorship and Entertainments Control Act 1967 is an Act of Parliament in Zimbabwe. Introduced under Ian Smith's largely unrecognised Rhodesian government, the target of the legislation has traditionally been obscenity and blasphemy in literature and film. This focus on crude or otherwise indecent material was continued into the 1990s.

It repealed elements of the Entertainments Control and Censorship Act, 1932, the Subversive Activities Act, 1950, and the Emergency Powers (Control of Publications) Act, 1965.[1]

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