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Centennial Concert Hall

Centennial Concert Hall is a Performing arts centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, it began as an urban renewal program in 1960. The Centennial Concert Hall, as part of the Manitoba Centennial Centre, was built as a Canadian Centennial project and is adjacent to the Manitoba Museum. The venue has a seating capacity of 2,305. The stage is 24 metres wide, 12 metres deep and over 33 metres tall which can accommodate a full orchestra and a choir of 700. There are murals throughout the hall from the Canadian sculptor Greta Dale and Winnipeg artist Tony Tascona. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Manitoba Opera perform at the Centennial Concert Hall. Centennial Concert Hall also hosts a wide variety of local and global artists, dance companies and musicals.[1]


The Centennial Concert Hall was opened in 1968 by Governor General Roland Michener. The architects of the Hall were Green, Blankstein, Russell Assoc., Moody, Moore, Whenham & Partners, and Smith, Carter, Searle Associates, which are all located in Winnipeg. Theatre consultant George Izenour contributed to the design of the Hall, and the acoustic engineering was by the firm of Bolt, Beranek & Newman Inc.[2]


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