Center for Strategic Research

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Center for Strategic Research
Center for Strategic Research.jpg
Abbreviation CSR
Formation 1989
Type Think tank
Headquarters 802 Pasdaran Avenue
  • Tehran, Iran
Ali Akbar Velayati

Center for Strategic Research (Persian: مرکز تحقیقات استراتژیک‎‎) is a leading Iranian think tank on strategy issues. It is the research arm of the Expediency Discernment Council.[1] The current head of organization is Ali Akbar Velayati who replaced former head Hassan Rouhani, the current President of Iran.[2] It was established in 1989. It publishes Rahbord (Strategy) [3] in Persian and National interests in English.[4]


The CSR has six affiliated departments:

  • Foreign Policy Research Department (This department publishes 3 journals: Pazhouhesh (Research), Gozaresh Tahlili (Analytical Report) and Gahnameh (Periodical Bulletin))
  • International Relations Research Department (This department publishes Gozaresh Rahbordi (Strategic Report))
  • Economic Research Department (This department publishes Gozaresh-e Pazhouheshhay-e Eqtesadi (Economic Research Report))
  • Cultural Research Department (This department publishes Gozareshat-e Rahbordi (Strategic Reports))
  • Legal Research and Jurisprudential Studies Department (Publication: Gozaresh-e Rahbordi (Strategic Report))
  • Executive and Information Department


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