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Central MtyMetro.jpg
Location Monterrey
Nuevo León, Mexico
Coordinates 25°41′13″N 100°19′28″W / 25.68694°N 100.32444°W / 25.68694; -100.32444Coordinates: 25°41′13″N 100°19′28″W / 25.68694°N 100.32444°W / 25.68694; -100.32444
Operated by STC Metrorrey
Opened April 25, 1991[1]
Preceding station   Monterrey Metro   Following station
toward Talleres
Line 1
toward Exposición
Central Station logo

The Central Station (Spanish: Estación Central) is a station on Line 1 of the Monterrey Metro. It is located in the Madero Avenue in the Monterrey Centre. It was opened on April 25, 1991.[1]

This station serves the northwest side of the downtown area and also the Monterrey Bus Depot (Central de Autobuses). It is accessible for people with disabilities.

This station is named after the Bus Depot nearby, and its logo represents a couple of buses. Because of the name, "Estación Central" this station is not to be confused with the term "Central Station" of some Europeans cities.