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Central College, Anuradhapura
Sinhalese: මධ්‍ය විද්‍යාලය, අනුරාධපුර
Tamil: மத்திய கல்லூரி, அனுராதபுரம்
Anuradhapura, 50000
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 8°20′07″N 80°24′27″E / 8.3352°N 80.4075°E / 8.3352; 80.4075Coordinates: 8°20′07″N 80°24′27″E / 8.3352°N 80.4075°E / 8.3352; 80.4075
Type Started as a non profit organization, currently State run
Motto අසමු දරමු හැසිරෙමු
"Harken Memorize Act"
Established 1947
Founder Mr. R.L.N. De Zoyza
School number 0252222653
Principal Mr. H.M. Abeykoon (2011-Present)
Grades 6–13
Number of students 5000
Color(s)      Dark Green

Anuradhapura Central College is a mixed educational establishment in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura Central College is a national school, which provides secondary education.


Anuradhapura Central College which is considered as the heart of Anuradhapura is situated in a in Anuradhapura, the capital city of North Central Province, Sri Lanka. It was established on 21 July 1947 under the initiative of Mr. R.L.N. de. Zoyza in Rathmale area where the Rathmale Tissa Vidyalaya is situated today. It was established on 21 July 1947 to provide free education by Dr. C. W. W. Kannangara the Minister of Education at that time. It is among the first 54 Central Colleges. Mr. R L N de Zoysa was the first principal and there were only 7 teachers and 20 students in the school.

The school was later moved to its present location. School has been promoted to a National School in 1993 while under the leadership of the then principal Mr. E R Erathna. In 2014, Mr. H.M. Abeykoon is principal of the college and is supported by a staff of 190 teachers who guide a student population of 4800.

School traditions[edit]

The College motto is "Asamu Daramu Haesirmu", meaning "Harken Memorize Act" in Sinhala.

School song[edit]

"Namadimu baethi gee kusum puda" is the school song, which sings at the start of the school day and on important occasions.

Prefectorial system[edit]

In addition to the teachers, two categories prefects of senior students are entitled to maintain school discipline. Senior prefects are entitled to wear a silver badge on their uniform and dress in an white long-hand uniform.

  • Senior Prefect: The most senior prefectorial group, who makes up the Prefects Council. Selected on academics, sports and extra-curricular achievements, they are appointed on a probationary basis after entering to the (GCE Advanced Level) classes. Of these only a handful are appointed as Senior Prefects. Their disciplinary powers extend to all students of the school. From amongst the Senior Prefects are chosen two Head Prefects (including a girl prefect and a boy prefect) to lead all prefects of the college and the Prefects' Top Board, which consists of two Head Prefect (HP), and eight Deputy Head Prefects (DHP).
  • Junior Prefect: selected from students in grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 (grade 10 and 11, until 2006), their disciplinary powers are limited to the students of their own grades and below grades.


Sports mostly played at Central College (Anuradhapura) includes;


The students are divided among four houses. The houses were named with the four great arahant thero of Buddhism. An annual track-and-field tournament among these houses is held at the beginning of the first term.

  • Ananda

Colour -      Green

  • Mahinda

Colour -      Blue

  • Seewali

Colour -      Red

  • Rahula

Colour -      Yellow

Past Pupil Association (PPA)[edit]

The Past Pupils Association is the oldest active association that Anuradhapura Central College owns. The college PPA has established several branches island wide including branches of Anuradhapura, Colombo and Kandy. Also two international branches in Australia and UK. The college PPA plays the main role in sponsoring Annual prize giving and colors’ day ceremonies. School day celebration is helped by the PPA and special medical clinic is held for the teaching staff on that day.

Emeralds Club (EC)[edit]

In 2015, young past pupils of the college were gathered and found a new association for conduct an annual event for the college day which falls on 21 July. In 2016, Emeralds Club promulgated their strength by making a committee with representatives from each year that EC have members.

Parade of Emeralds[edit]

In 2015, Emeralds Club conduct a parade for school day with the theme of 'prevent from alcohol and smoking' as a support for the president's National Drugs Prevention Program. It was published in all media and president Maithreepala Sirisena's special thank was also received.

Notable alumni[edit]

Anuradhapura Central College has produced graduates in many fields such as engineering, medicine, law, politics, education, administration, mass-media and in many entertainment fields, including:


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