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Industry Internet
Founded 1999
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Website www.centralway.com

Centralway is a Swiss software company. It develops and sells the mobile banking app Centralway Numbrs, and has a stake in a number of banking-related companies.

The organisation has its headquarters in Zurich.


The company was founded in 1999 by Martin Saidler and claims to have built or funded more than 200 internet companies.[1] Investments were made alongside notable companies including Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures.[2]

Over the years, a large number of the companies funded by Centralway were sold to buyers including Axel Springer, CME (Time Warner Group), Beisheim Holding, The Daily Mail group, Jelmoli and Deutsche Telekom.[3]

Having started out as a venture capital firm, Centralway became a company builder.[4] With the launch of Centralway Numbrs, the CEO Martin Saidler said in 2014 that the company would focus on mobile banking

Investments and exits[edit]

Centralway financed a number of fintech start-ups. It invested in Standard Treasury,[5] a California-based company that develops banking systems. It also invested in Buttercoin, a trading platform for Bitcoin.[6]

Successful exit plannings included companies such as Invia, Autovia, Anima Publishers, Preisinsel/Netto24, Jigsaw, and others.[7][8][9][10] The company’s portfolio was estimated to be worth over $250m Euros, and was sold to major companies such as Axel Springer, Tamedia, Scout24 Holding, The Daily Mail UK, CME (Time Warner), Deutsche Telekom, MCI, Jelmoli, and others.[11][12]