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For the American metalcore band, see Century (US band).

Century are a French rock band formed in Marseille in 1985. Led by singer and composer Jean-Louis Milford, Century are probably best known for their single "Lover Why" from the album ...And Soul It Goes in 1986. In Brazil, the tracks "Gone with the Winner" was included in the Globo TV soap opera Ti Ti Ti's soundtrack, (aired from 1985 to 1986) and "Lover Why" was in the soundtrack to Hipertensão, (1986-87). As it is the case in that country, that guaranteed both songs were hits in the Brazilian hit parade.

"Lover Why" peaked at #1 (x7) in France[1] and Portugal and #11 in Switzerland. Their second single, "Jane" reached only #35 in France.

The band was composed of Jean-Louis Milford (keyboards), Éric Traissard (guitar), Laurent Cokelaere (bass), Christian Portes (drums) and a second guitarist, Jean-Dominique Sallaberry. The lyrics of early successes of the group were all written by Paul Ives. The band split in 1989.[2] However, Jean-Louis Milford teamed up with lyricist Francis Nugent Dixon, and since 1989, they have worked together. After several unsuccessful albums, they produced a double CD in 2006 (Timeless).

After nearly two years of development, working with Walter Clissen in Los Angeles, they are now trying to enter the American market with a musical Comedy "Seven Stars In Paradise" (2012-2013)



  • 1986: ...And Soul It Goes
  1. "Pay As You Hurt"
  2. "Lover Why"
  3. "Nigel Understand"
  4. "(On A) Landslide"
  5. "Jane"
  6. "The Day the Water Dried"
  7. "Gone with the Winner"
  8. "Self Destruction"
  9. "Fly Me to the Ground"
  • Jean-Louis "John" Milford: vocals, keyboards
  • Jean-Dominique Sallaberry: guitar
  • Eric Traissard: guitar
  • Laurent Cokelaere: bass
  • Christian Portes: drums

1988: Is It Red?

  1. "Colour of the Wine" (Fast Version)
  2. "Gemini" (First Version)
  3. "Does She Love You to Mother You?"
  4. "A Donf-Himalaya"
  5. "Blues on a Monday"
  6. "High on the Beam"
  7. "Colour of the Wine" (Slow Version)
  8. "This Way to Heaven"
  9. "O'Radio"
  10. "Mixed Amelia"
  11. "Out of My Way"
  12. "Is It Red?"


  • 1985: "Lover Why"/"Rainin' in the Park"
  • 1986: "Jane"/"Help Me Help"
  • 1986: "Gone with the Winner"/"The Day the Water Dried"
  • 1986: "Self-Destruction"/"Fly Me to the Ground"
  • 1988: "This Way to Heaven"/"High on the Beam"


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