Century Theatre (Buffalo, New York)

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Century Theatre
Shea's Century
Address 511 Main Street
Buffalo, New York
United States
Opened October 1921

The Century Theatre was a 3,076-seat theater located at 511 Main Street in Buffalo, New York. It opened in 1921 as a movie theater and was later used as a rock concert venue in the 1970s.[1] Notable past performers include Cheap Trick, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Kansas, Starcastle, The Kinks, Rush and Fleetwood Mac.[2]


In 1921 the Century Theatre opened as a movie theater.

In 1928 Loew turned over the lease to Micheal Shea whom died in 1934. Micheal Shea was succeed by McFaul, Paramount and Loew then organized a corporate Shea, whom didn't renew the lease in 1939 because it wasn't profitable. Nikitas Dipson leased it from 1939 to 1941 whom also did not renew due to profitability.[3] It wasn't until Dipson's successor had spent over $50,000 restoring it before it became profitable.[3] It was demolished in the summer of 1984.


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