Cernydd Carmel

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Cernydd Carmel is a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Carmel Woods National Nature Reserve is located on part of the SSSI, and is open to the public.[1]

Pant-y-Llyn at Cernydd Carmel is the only turlough in Britain, a type of seasonal lake found in limestone areas, the other examples of which are in Ireland. Pant-y-llyn fills to a depth of about 3 metres (10 ft) each autumn, and remains full until it empties completely into a sink hole the following summer. There are no surface drainage streams.[2]

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Coordinates: 51°49′32″N 4°02′35″W / 51.8255°N 4.043°W / 51.8255; -4.043