César Moro

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César Moro
César Moro.jpg
Born (1903-08-31)31 August 1903
Lima, Peru
Died 10 January 1956(1956-01-10) (aged 52)
Lima, Peru
Occupation Writer and painter
Nationality Peruvian
Period 20th century
Genre Poetry, essays, paintings, collages
Literary movement Surrealism
Notable works La tortuga ecuestre

Surrealist Manifesto
Surrealist cinema
Surrealist music
Surrealist techniques
Birmingham Surrealists
Women Surrealists

César Moro (August 31,[1] 1903 – January 10, 1956) is the pseudonym of Alfredo Quíspez Asín Mas, a Peruvian poet and painter. He travelled to Paris in 1925 and most of his poetic works are written in French. The Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa remembers Mora from his student days at the Leoncio Prado Academy where Mora was a French teacher.


Selected works:

  • 1943: Le château de grisou
  • 1944: Lettre d'amour
  • 1954: Trafalgar Square
  • 1957: La tortuga ecuestre y otros poemas
  • 1973: Amour à mort
  • 1987: L'ombre du paradisier et autres textes


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