Château de Marthon

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Keep and former castle courtyard

The Château de Marthon is a ruined castle in the commune of Marthon in the Charente département of France. Only the keep remains.


The Marthon family was descended from the Montbrons, grandchildren of the count of Angoulême, Audouin II. This seigneury existed from the 11th century.


The castle was built as a polygonal enceinte dominated by a square keep in the south-west corner. Living accommodation was built against the north face of the tower. A turrett has disappeared.

The castle had a Gothic chapel with two floors - the lower served as a shelter for pilgrims and the upper was reserved for the lord.

In 1960, the keep was reduced in height by a metre.

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Coordinates: 45°36′45″N 0°26′44″E / 45.61250°N 0.44556°E / 45.61250; 0.44556