Château de Saint-Hubert

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Château de Saint-Hubert
Chateau de Saint-Hubert.jpg
View of the Château de Saint-Hubert
Château de Saint-Hubert is located in Île-de-France (region)
Château de Saint-Hubert
Location within Île-de-France
General information
Status Destroyed
Architectural style Neoclassical
Location Le Perray-en-Yvelines
Coordinates 48°42′53″N 1°51′02″E / 48.714727°N 1.850621°E / 48.714727; 1.850621Coordinates: 48°42′53″N 1°51′02″E / 48.714727°N 1.850621°E / 48.714727; 1.850621
Construction started 1755
Owner Louis XV
Design and construction
Architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel

The Château de Saint-Hubert was a royal château built by order of Louis XV in Perray-in-Yvelines (now in the department of Yvelines), for use while he was hunting in the nearby forest (Saint Hubert is the patron saint of hunters). The design was entrusted to Ange-Jacques Gabriel, designer of the École Militaire, and the building was under construction from 1755 to 1758.

Saint-Hubert was originally intended as a simple hunting lodge, to allow the King to rest during and after the hunt without calling on his cousin, the duc de Penthièvre. Work was not completed by 1756, and it was decided to turn Saint-Hubert into a full château, with a main building housing 25 nobles, plus two projecting service wings and a gatehouse creating a courtyard. The main room was elaborately decorated with painted stucco.

The building was still not completed by the death of Louis XV, and Louis XVI abandoned it as too expensive. Instead, he bought the Château de Rambouillet from the duc de Penthièvre. Saint-Hubert then fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1855. Little remains today.

Louis XV had planned a model village around the Château de Saint-Hubert, but it also was never completed.

A painting by Charles-André van Loo ordered in 1758 for the chapel at Saint-Hubert, The conversion of Saint-Hubert is now housed in the église Saint-Lubin-et-Saint-Jean in Rambouillet.


  • Translated from the equivalent article at French Wikipédia, 12 February 2006