Chablais Alps

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Chablais Alps
French: Préalpes franco-suisses
Dents du midi2.jpg
The seven summits of the Dents du Midi
Highest point
Peak Dents du Midi (Haute Cime)
Elevation 3,257 m (10,686 ft)
Coordinates 46°9′45″N 6°55′25″E / 46.16250°N 6.92361°E / 46.16250; 6.92361Coordinates: 46°9′45″N 6°55′25″E / 46.16250°N 6.92361°E / 46.16250; 6.92361
Chablais Alps is located in Alps
Chablais Alps
Chablais Alps
Countries Switzerland and France
States/Provinces Valais and Haute Savoie
Parent range Alps
Borders on Bernese Alps, Mont Blanc Massif

The Chablais Alps are a mountain range in the western Alps. They are situated between Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc Massif.[1] The Col des Montets separates them from the Mont Blanc Massif in the south, and the Rhône valley separates them from the Bernese Alps in the east.

The Chablais Alps are composed of two distinct parts separated by the Val d'Illiez: the Dents du Midi massif on the south which contains the highest peaks, and the alpine foothills on the north.


The Rhône valley on the right and the east part of the Chablais Alps on the left from across Lake Geneva
Summits of the Dents du Midi
Above Champéry
Tour Sallière

The main peaks of the Chablais Alps are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Dents du Midi 3,257 10,686
Tour Sallière 3,220 10,564
Mont Ruan 3,053 10,016
Aiguilles Rouges 2,965 12,943
Le Luisin 2,786 9,140
Dents Blanches 2,759 9,052
Fontanabran 2,703 8,868
Cornettes de Bise 2,432 7,979
Les Jumelles 2,215 7,267
Le Grammont 2,172 7,126
Pointe de l'Au 2,152 7,060
Pointe de Bellevue 2,042 6,699
Le Môle 1,863 6,112

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