Chaise (river)

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La Chaise D1508 sud.jpg
The Chaise river near Saint-Ferréol.
Physical characteristics
 - location
 - coordinates
45°44′17″N 6°25′26″E / 45.73806°N 6.42389°E / 45.73806; 6.42389Coordinates: 45°44′17″N 6°25′26″E / 45.73806°N 6.42389°E / 45.73806; 6.42389
Length24 km (15 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionArlyIsèreRhôneMediterranean Sea

The Chaise, also known as the Monthoux,[1] is a 23.7 km long mountain river of eastern France. It flows through the departments Savoie and Haute-Savoie.[2] It is a right tributary of the Arly which it joins in Ugine where, in the mid nineteenth century, it was crossed by a wooden bridge.[1]


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