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Chak De Bachche is an Indian television reality series that aired on 9X channel. The series is a little kids' dance show, where the kids dance with their partners to compete with the opposing teams. The series is produced by 9X and Saibaba Telefilms. The teams are divided into two separate teams: Metro Rockers ("Bade sehar ki bachche" - kids from big cities) & Desi Dhurandhars ("Chote sehar ke bachche" - kids from small cities)


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There are a total of three disciplines, with each one judged by a different judge. The first discipline is composed of 'Music & Singing': Salim-Sulaiman; second discipline is composed of overall performance: Raveena Tandon; and the last discipline is composed of 'Choreography & Dancing': Ganesh Acharya.

Besides, each of the teams are assisted by a different captain: Team Rockers by Roshni Chopra and Desi Dhurandars by Manoj Tiwari.


Following is a list of contestants of 'Chak De Bachche':

Name Team Happy Card Round Top 3
Deepak / Nishta Desi Dhurandars Winner
Varun / Loria Metro Rockers 1st Runner up
Rudraksh / Nidhi Metro Rockers 2nd Runner up
Amaan / Mansi Desi Dhurandars
Abishek / Tanu Desi Dhurandars
Rik / Nemisha Desi Dhurandars Happycard Entrant
Alpansh / Debolina Metro Rockers Happycard Entrant
Tamojeet / Rishika Metro Rockers
Vaibhav / Hargun Metro Rockers
Areeb / Prabhjoot Desi Dhurandars
Shubham / Rupali Desi Dhurandars
Kushal / Ketkee Metro Rockers Not in the Happy Round
Rohan / Pooja Metro Rockers Not in the Happy Round
Srejoni / Shazad Desi Dhurandars Not in the Happy Round

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