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Chakraborty (Chôkrôbôrti চক্রবর্তী) is a surname meaning ′Ruler of the country′ or ′Emperor[1] of Bengali and Assamese people in the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura and in Bangladesh(Previously known as East Bengal of the undivided India). It is spelled in various ways, including Chakraverty, Chakraborty, Chakraborti, Chokroborti, Chakrabarti, Chakrabarty, Chakraverty, Chakravarthy, Chakravarti, Chakravarthi, Chakravorti, and Chakravorty. People with the surname Chakraborty are a caste of Assamese Brahmins, Bengali Brahmins, and also Kshatriyas(Suryavanshi). However, the Punjabi surname is specifically Chakravarty (formerly Chikar) and people with this surname are a caste of Kshatriyas (classified under the Arora subcaste).

Origin and meaning[edit]

Sanskrit čakravartī literally means ‘wheels rolling’ (čakra ‘wheel’ + vart ‘to roll or turn’); metaphorically, it describes a ruler whose chariot wheels roll everywhere without obstruction.

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