Chalgrave Castle

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Chalgrave Castle
Toddington, Bedfordshire, England
Chalgrave Castle is located in Bedfordshire
Chalgrave Castle
Chalgrave Castle
Coordinates51°56′10″N 0°32′01″W / 51.9360°N 0.5337°W / 51.9360; -0.5337Coordinates: 51°56′10″N 0°32′01″W / 51.9360°N 0.5337°W / 51.9360; -0.5337
Grid referencegrid reference TL009274
Site information
ConditionNo visible remains

Chalgrave Castle stood to the south of the large village of Toddington, Bedfordshire.

This was a timber motte and bailey castle, constructed in two phases, built during the 11th century. By the 13th century, it had been abandoned.

The site was excavated in 1970, but has since been completely leveled. Nothing visible remains.

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