Chamaco Ramírez

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Chamaco Ramirez
Birth name Ramon Luis Ramirez Toro
Also known as Chamaco,Chamo
Born (1941-09-10)September 10, 1941
Santurce, Puerto Rico
Died March 27, 1983(1983-03-27) (aged 41)
Bronx, New York
Genres Salsa
Years active 1960—1983

Chamaco Ramirez (September 10, 1941 - March 27, 1983) was a Puerto Rican salsa singer and composer. He came to prominence and is still mostly remembered for his work as singer of the Tommy Olivencia Orchestra.

Early years[edit]

Ramirez, was born Ramon Luis Ramirez Toro in the Parada 26 section of Santurce, Puerto Rico. A naturally gifted musician since his early youth, at the age of 16 and while still a High School student, he joined Tommy Olivencia to start the orchestra which would bear Olivencia's name and which would later go by the moniker of La Primerisima Orquesta de Puerto Rico.

Tommy Olivencia y Su Orquesta[edit]

With Tommy Olivencia y Su Orquesta, in which Ramirez shared vocals with Paquito Guzmán, he would work from 1960 to 1971 and again from 1974 to 1976. He recorded eight albums with this orchestra which are now considered classics of the Salsa genre. In the 1960`s, while still a member of Tommy Olivencia y Su Orquesta, he also contributed vocals to albums by the Alegre All Stars and Kako and his Orchestra.

Besides his vocal work which was marked by his ability to improvise, he was also a gifted composer who wrote the Salsa classic, Trucutu, later covered by Marc Anthony. Among his other hits include "Plante Bandera" (which was later covered by reggaeton artists Tego Calderon and Tempo Alomar) and "Evelio Y La Rumba" (which was later covered by salsa group Los Soneros Del Barrio).

Later Work[edit]

After leaving Tommy Olivencia's orchestra, Ramirez moved to New York City where he worked with the orchestra of Kako Bastar. Later he would move to Los Angeles where he worked with two minor local orchestras. In 1979, he released his first and only solo album, titled Alive and Kicking.

Later years and death[edit]

During his later years, Ramirez had frequent problems with the law related to his use of illegal drugs. On the morning of March 27, 1983, he was the victim of a shooting in the Bronx, New York City, and died in an ambulance as he was being taken to the hospital.


Tommy Olivencia y Su Orquesta[edit]

  • Tru-Cu-Tú (1965)
  • Jala-Jala Y Guaguancó (1966)
  • La Nueva Sensación Musical De Puerto Rico (1967)
  • Fire Fire -(Fuego)(Fuego) (1967)
  • Quito Vélez, Los Montemar, Lo Mejor 1960’s (1971)
  • Juntos de Nuevo (1974)
  • Planté Bandera - A Mi Pai Chango (1975)

The Alegre All Stars[edit]

  • Way Out - The Alegre All Stars Vol. 4. (1966)
  • The Salsa All Stars (1972)
  • They Just Don't Makim Like Us Any More (1972)

Kako And His Orchestra[edit]

  • Sock It To Me Latino (1968)

Solo albums[edit]

  • Alive and Kicking (1979)

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