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Chit Chan Gunn, CM OBC is the founder and president of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Gunn developed a process called Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) to treat neuropathic pain. In 2001 Dr Gunn was inducted into the Order of British Columbia and in 2002 into the Order of Canada for his contributions in the field of pain study. He is a clinical professor at the University of Washington and has been invited to lecture internationally on his approaches to pain therapy. He is also the founding director and past president of the Canadian Society of Asian Art.


Intramuscular Stimulation, or 'dry needling', is a diagnostic and treatment model for myofascial pain of neuropathic origin.


2015 - Chinese Canadian Legend Award[1]

2001 - Order of Canada[2]

2001 - Order of British Columbia[3]

1997 - Honorary Fellow Peterhouse[4]


Publication Author(s) Permalink Quote
Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volumes 1-5 William J Rea and Kalpana Patel CRC Press 'Thanks to all the great anatomists and physiologists of the ages, especially ... Walter Cannon, MD and Chan Gunn, MD... and many others whose ideas and facts we used liberally to solidify the concepts of hypersensitivity and chronic degenerative disease'.
100 Chinese-Canadians who are making a difference in British Columbia Wency Leung, Michael Scott and Yvonne Zacharias explorASIAN "Chan Gunn's pioneering work on the concept of pain following neuropathy led to a major shift in the diagnosis and treatment of pain. His Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain has treated more than 10,000 patients in its first decade of operation". Vancouver Sun, October 21, 2006
Bill 50, Traditional Chinese Medicine Act Douglas Freer OntLA "I and a number of other physiotherapists in Ontario use is IMS. Dr. Chan Gunn from Vancouver developed intramuscular stimulation acupuncture. Dr. Gunn developed this type of acupuncture after working with WCB in the 1970s. He now teaches a course in Canada and 18 other countries. It is in recognition of this work that he has received the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada". Committee Documents: - 2006-Oct-30
History of the Peterhouse Libraries Peterhouse


"the College, supported again by generous benefactions, extended and completed that transformation, by converting the last unused gallery of the old Museum into a magnificent reading room (with adjoining computer rooms) – named the 'Gunn Gallery' after Dr Chan Gunn, an Honorary Fellow and its principal benefactor, who read Medicine at Peterhouse in the 1950s".


  1. ^ "For over half a century, Dr. Chit-Chan Gunn has been practising medicine and is a world-renowned "pain expert" with his invention of an effective and safe treatment called "Intramuscular stimulation" (IMS) in 1970s, which is based on a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. At the age of 84, Dr. Gunn continues to develop his work, and was awarded the Order of British Columbia and a Member of the Order of Canada".
  2. ^ "His Vancouver clinic attracts chronic pain patients from around the world. Founder and President of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (ISTOP), he developed Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), a treatment method which bridges the gap between western medicine and traditional Chinese acupuncture. Also a clinical professor at the University of Washington, he is invited to lecture internationally on pain management and treatment, and his research findings have been included in numerous textbooks and journals. In addition, he is a founding director and past President of the Canadian Society of Asian Art".
  3. ^ "(Chan Gunn) is the founder and president of the non-profit Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, which has helped thousands of people whose chronic pain defied every other treatment. He lectures and teaches his methods of pain treatment to doctors and physiotherapists throughout the world. He has provided post-graduate scholarships and endowment funds and has received many prestigious international awards for his work."
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