Chandratne Patuwathavithane

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Chandratne Patuwathavithane
Born Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lanka Sri Lankan
Alma mater Ananda College University of Ceylon King's College London
Occupation Academic
Title Dr.
Spouse(s) Dorothy Patuwathavithane
Children Dilrukshi & Chatura Patuwathavithane

Chandratne Patuwathavithane (died September 14, 1989) is a Sri Lankan born academic who served as the vice chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka during 1980–1983 and 1988–1889 until he was assassinated in his office during 1987–89 insurgency in Sri Lanka.


He was a product of Ananda College, Colombo and later gained admission to the University of Ceylon from where he graduated with a degree in engineering. He received a scholarship to study at King's College London, from which he received a PhD in mechanical engineering.[1][2]


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