Channel 10 – Córdoba

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Unknown call sign
Córdoba, Córdoba
Branding Canal Diez
Channels Analog: 10 (VHF)
Affiliations Canal 7 Argentina (secondary)
Owner National University of Córdoba
Former affiliations América
Channel 9

SRT Canal 10 de Córdoba is an Argentine television station located in the province of Córdoba. Of the 3 TV stations operating in that city, Channel 10 has the least powerful signal, but it manages to reach all the province (the other channels reach other provinces as well).

The station is operated by the National University of Córdoba and currently carries an independent format, with a schedule filled mostly with paid programming and low budget syndicated fare, plus some local shows and programs from Channel 7 (Argentina's government owned broadcaster).

Not surprisingly, Channel 10 has lower ratings than its competitors, Channel 8 and Channel 12, which are affiliated with Telefe and Artear (Argentina's biggest broadcasters), respectively.

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