Channel 10 – Río Negro

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General Roca, Río Negro
City General Roca, Río Negro
Branding El Diez
Slogan Uniendo momentos y lugares
Channels Analog: 10 (VHF)
Affiliations Artear
Owner Government of Río Negro
(Radio y Televisión de Río Negro S.E.)
Founded 1982
First air date May 20, 1982 (Channel 11)
Former affiliations Independent (1982-1998)

LU 92 TV Canal 10 de Río Negro is an Argentine television station located in General Roca, Province of Río Negro. Channel 10 is affiliated with Artear (channel 13 of Buenos Aires). The station begins its daily schedule at noon, and offers a variety of shows including news, soap operas, talk shows, comedies and cultural programs. It began operations in 1982 and produces around 20% of its programming.

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