Chapel of Saint Rosalia

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Chapel of Saint Rosalia
Rímskokatolícka kaplnka sv. Rozálie
Rozalka 3s.jpg
Chapel of Saint Rosalia in Bratislava from the north
Basic information
Location Lamač borough of Bratislava, Slovakia
Geographic coordinates 48°11′20″N 17°02′59″E / 48.18889°N 17.04972°E / 48.18889; 17.04972
Affiliation Roman-Catholic
Country Slovakia
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Church
Completed 1682

Chapel of Saint Rosalia (Slovak: Rímskokatolícka kaplnka sv. Rozálie) is church in the Lamač borough of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, built in 1680. It is a Slovak national cultural landmark, protected since 1963 for retaining its historical value and being a testament of the urbanistic and architectonic features of historical Lamač.[1] It is named after Saint Rosalia.


This renaissance building is situated in Lamač,a borough of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.


The people of Bratislava built the chapel out of gratitude for the end of an outbreak of plague in the years 1678 - 1679. It was built from 1680–1682 and since its completion until today it has had no renovations, only the repairs occasioned by use and time. The main cross was replaced after being struck by lightning at the beginning of the 20th century.

Patron of Chapel[edit]

The chapel is sacred to Saint Rosalia, the patron against plague. She was born to a wealthy family. As an adult, she left her family's home and lived as a wandering mendicant. Rosalia died on September 4, 1160. She became the symbol fight against indulgence. She is the ideal of self-control. She is often shown as a sleeping lady in a cave with a lot of colorful and flourishing roses around her.


A tradition evolved over time when each year on Saint Rosalia day on September 4, there used to be pilgrimages to this chapel. This tradition disappeared during World War II. Today, there are local festivities (Slovak: hody) at this day and there is a special mass celebrated in the chapel.




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