Chapters (Anekdoten album)

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Chapters (Anekdoten album).jpg
Compilation album by Anekdoten
Released 11 May 2009 (CD), 27 April 2009 (Digital Release)
Recorded 1990-2009
Genre Progressive rock
Psychedelic rock
Label Kscope
Anekdoten chronology
A Time of Day
(2007)A Time of Day2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Chapters is a double album compilation by Swedish progressive rock band Anekdoten, released in May 2009. The first disc contains the band's favourite tracks from their 3 latest albums, From Within, Gravity and A Time of Day. It also features the newly recorded track "When I Turn", a track originally written for the From Within album. The second disc focuses on the band's earlier years, including the very first Anekdoten track "Sad Rain", which previously only was available as bonus track on the Japanese version of Vemod, and demo versions of songs from Nucleus and A Time of Day.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Ricochet" – 5:45 (from Gravity)
  2. "The Great Unknown" – 6:22 (from A Time Of Day)
  3. "From Within" - 7:24 (from From Within)
  4. "In For A Ride" - 6:47 (from A Time Of Day)
  5. "The War Is Over" - 4:38 (from Gravity)
  6. "Monolith" - 6:07 (from Gravity)
  7. "A Sky About To Rain" - 6:29 (from A Time Of Day)
  8. "Every Step I Take" - 3:07 (from A Time Of Day)
  9. "Groundbound" - 5:22 (from From Within)
  10. "Gravity" - 8:22 (from Gravity)
  11. "When I Turn" - 3:42 (Previously unreleased)

Disc 2

  1. "Sad Rain" - 10:17 (Bonus track on the Japanese edition of Vemod)
  2. "Wheel" - 7:54 (from Vemod)
  3. "The Old Man & The Sea" - 7:50 (from Vemod)
  4. "Nucleus" - 5:46 (Demo version from Nucleus)
  5. "Book Of Hours" - 9:36 (Demo version from Nucleus)
  6. "This Far From The Sky" - 9:17 (Demo version from Nucleus)
  7. "30 Pieces" - 6:58 (Demo version from A Time Of Day)
  8. "Prince Of The Ocean" - 5:40 (Demo version from A Time Of Day)