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Charles Bridges, MA (1794 - 1869[1][2]), was a preacher and theologian in the Church of England, and a leader of that denomination's Evangelical Party.[1] As a preacher he was well regarded by his contemporaries, but is remembered today for his literary contributions.[3]

Education and ministry[edit]

Educated at Queens' College, Cambridge,[4] he was ordained in 1817 and served from 1823 to 1849 as vicar of Old Newton, Suffolk.[1][3] Thomas Chalmers wrote,

'My excellent friend, the Rev. Charles Bridges, of Old Newton, Suffolk, finds, I am sure, most ample occupation among those six hundred people whom he may be said to have domesticated into one parochial family; and, were it not for his still more important services to the Christian church at large, would show, by his incessant labours, how possible it were to make out a most beneficial expenditure of all his strength and all his time amongst them.'[5]

In 1849, he became vicar of Weymouth, Dorset, later serving as vicar of Hinton Martell, Dorset (c. 1857).[2][6] Bridges participated (with J. C. Ryle) in the Clerical Conference at Weston-super-Mare of 1858, and also participated in the consecration of the Bishop of Carlisle in York Minster in 1860.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Bridges was married to Harriet Torlesse, with whom he had at least two sons, the second of whom was physician John Henry Bridges, BA BM Oxon FRCP (1832–1906).[7]

Literary works[edit]

At least twenty-four editions of Bridges' Exposition of Psalm 119 (1827) were published in his lifetime.[2] C. H. Spurgeon considered the commentary to be 'worth its weight in gold'.[2] Spurgeon also pronounced Bridges' Exposition of Proverbs (1840) 'The best work on the Proverbs'.[8]


Exposition of Psalm 119 (1827)
The Christian Ministry (1829)
Memoir of Mary Jane Graham (c. 1834)
Forty-eight Scriptural Studies (1837)
Exposition of Proverbs (1840)
A Manual for the Young (1849)
Exposition of Ecclesiastes (1860)
Correspondence (posthumous, 1870)


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