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Charles Fey (born August Fey in Vöhringen, Bavaria) (September 9, 1862 [1]–November 10, 1944) was a San Francisco mechanic who is best known for inventing the slot machine.

Life in the USA[edit]

When Charles Fey was 23 he had enough money to travel and decided to follow his uncle who moved to the USA, New Jersey. Charles traveled all over the USA and finally reached San Francisco, California where he started working at Electric Works company.[2] Later he started his own company together with Theodore Holtz: this company worked with electrical equipment and telephones.

1895 had become a year of the first slot machine’s birth: Charles Fey presented “Liberty Bell”; this machine was so popular and loved that its popularity allowed Mr. Fey to open Slot Machine Factory in 1896.[3]


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