Charles Ntakirutinka

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Charles Ntakirutinka
Transportation Minister
Personal details
Nationality Rwandan
Political party Parti Démocratique de Renouveau

Charles Ntakirutinka is a former Transportation Minister of the Rwandan government who was later imprisoned on charges of creating civil disorder as well as planning assassinations. Amnesty International named him a prisoner of conscience and a 2011 "priority case".[1]


In May 2001, Charles Ntakirutinka helped found Le Parti Démocratique de Renouveau (Democratic Party for Renewal, PDR-Ubuyanja) with former President Pasteur Bizimungu.[1] Bizumungu was promptly placed under house arrest by the government of current president Paul Kagame.[2]

Ntakirutinka was arrested in April 2002 along with Bizimungu and six other men on charges of disturbing public order, provoking civil conflict and targeting government authorities for assassination.[1] Following a 2004 trial that Amnesty International describes as "falling well short of international standards of fairness", including witness statements allegedly extracted under torture, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.[1] Human Rights Watch also criticized the trial as "flawed", and noted Ntakirutinka's continued imprisonment in their 2009 annual report.[3]

On 17 February 2006, Ntakirutinka's appeal was rejected by The Supreme Court.[4] He was released on 1 March 2012 after serving his full ten-year sentence.[5]


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