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Charles "Charlie" H. Robertson (born 1934)[1] is an American Democratic politician who served as Mayor of York, Pennsylvania from 1994–2002. He attended William Penn Senior High School in York and spent two years as a medic in the United States Army.[1]

Robertson is best remembered for his role in the 1969 York Race Riot, during which time he worked as a police officer. He helped to incite the violence by shouting, "White power!" and by allegedly giving white rioters ammunition and encouraging them to, "kill as many niggers as [they] can."[2][3] He was arrested on May 17, 2001, and released on $50,000 bail.[4] On May 27, 2001, Robertson was arraigned on murder charges stemming from his involvement in the riot; he was found not guilty on October 19, 2002.[2] While he admitted that he had shouted the racial slur (calling it "a youthful incident of ingrained police racism"), he steadfastly denied all other charges against him.[5][6]


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