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Charles Townsend Harrison (11 February 1942 – 6 August 2009), BA Hons (Cantab), MA (Cantab), PhD (London) was a prominent UK art historian who taught Art History for many years and was Emeritus Professor of History and Theory of Art at the Open University.

He was tutor in Art History, Open University, 1977–2005, Reader in Art History 1985-1994, Professor of the History & Theory of Art, 1994–2008, Professor Emeritus, 2008–2009; Visiting Professor, University of Chicago 1991 and 1996, Visiting Professor, University of Texas, 1997.

In addition to being an academic and art critic he was also a curator and a member of the Art & Language Group and edited their journal Art-Language.


On English art

"The history of modern art in to a large extent a history of delayed and mediated responses."[1]

On the value of art

"[V]ividness in representation must entail the reconciliation of technical concerns for expressive form and surface on the one hand with the requirements of realistic description on the other...the more the activity of art tends toward the pursuit of the one at the expense of the other, the smaller the value is to be attached to either."[2]


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