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This article is about the computer scientist. For the American football coach, see Charlie Weis. For The 19th-century French librarian, see Charles Weiss (librarian).

Charles Weiss is an American software designer who has worked in Operations Research at American Airlines, the Dataquest subsidiary of ACNielsen as VP of Computer Systems, and Oracle Corporation for many years. He was issued a trademark for the Oracle Easy*SQL product, one of the first SQL Query Editing tools, and one of Oracle's first utilities. He is also credited with the invention of the DUAL table in the Oracle RDBMS.

The Charles F. and Barbara D. Weiss Directorship of the Information Science Program in Computing and Information Science at Cornell was named in honor of Chuck and his wife.

Chuck attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and received a BS from Cornell University, class of 1966, and a MS from Stanford University.

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