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Charlie Fink
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Charlie Fink
OccupationAuthor Producer

Charlie Fink was vice president for creative affairs at Disney. He is credited for pitching the story "Bambi in Africa" which later became The Lion King.[1][2] In 1992, Fink alongside Tim Disney purchased Virtual World game center in Walnut Creek[3] where he was EVP & COO.[citation needed] He is the author of the AR-enabled books Charlie Fink's Metaverse[4][5] and Convergence, How The World Will Be Painted With Data.[6] He is an adjunct faculty member teaching XR at Chapman University in Orange, California.[7]


Fink started his career in the Animation Division of Walt Disney Pictures, where he rose to the position of vice-president. In his six years with Disney, Fink developed and produced[citation needed] animated motion pictures, including Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin,[citation needed] and The Lion King, which was based on his idea, "Bambi in Africa".[1][2] In 1992, Fink left Disney to become Executive Vice-President, chief operating officer and Director[citation needed] of Virtual World Entertainment, a software developer and location-based Entertainment Company owned by Tim Disney.[3]

In early 1996, Fink joined AOL as Senior Vice-President and Chief Creative Officer of Greenhouse Networks,[8] where he created and launched some of the formative Internet's largest content brands, including Love@AOL, Electra, Entertainment Asylum, and Santa's Home Page[citation needed] (which he also co-produced with the late Brandon Tartikoff and Will Vinton as an ABC TV special).[8][9][10]

After leaving AOL in 1999, Fink founded, a daily email service that provided targeted news and entertainment to over five million Internet users each day.[citation needed] In September 2000, less than eight months after founding the company, with its initial product still in beta,[citation needed] eAgents was sold to American Greetings Interactive (AGI).[11] Fink served as President of American Greetings until 2003, and chairman until 2005. During his tenure, American Greetings acquired its two largest competitors, and, and transitioned from a free site to a fee based subscription service with over five million paying subscribers.[12]

In 2005, Fink founded and operated digital marketing agency, Charlie Company, specializing in integrated lifestyle marketing campaigns for global brands, startups, and non-profits leveraging search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social, content creation, viral, guerrilla and experiential channels; clients included Sprint, eBay, Phoenix Education, Capital One, and others; created & produced YouTube series The Two McCains, 2008; created "The Other 98%" for in 2009,; developed and executed go-to-market strategy for Erodr, a venture backed geo social app for college campuses, driving 300,000 trials, 2012 – 2014.[citation needed]

Fink earned his BA Degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Chicago.[13]

Theatrical career[edit]

Charlie Fink is the founder and artistic director of the New Musical Foundation, which produces readings, workshops, and festival productions of new musicals.[14] He was chairman of the board[15] of New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF),[15] from 2007 to 2017.[15] He was honored at the 2017 NYMF gala[15] alongside playwright Marsha Norman for his ten years of leadership. He was previously honored in 2014 by No Rules Theater Company.[16][14] Fink produced Who's Your Baghdaddy? at the Actor's Temple in New York City in 2015. The show nominated Best Musical by the Off-Broadway Alliance.[17] The New York Times called the production "a cunning, rock-solid musical comedy with a terrible title".[18] The show, its title shortened to Baghdaddy, was revived for a subsequent, limited run at St. Luke's Theater in New York City in March 2017.[citation needed] It played 46 performances and closed on July 2, 2017.[19]


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