Charlotte Amalia of Nassau-Dillenburg

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Charlotte Amalia of Nassau-Dillenburg
Spouse(s) William Henry, Prince of Nassau-Usingen
Noble family House of Nassau
Father Henry, Prince of Nassau-Dillenburg
Mother Dorothea Elisabeth of Brieg
Born 1680
Died 1738

Charlotte Amalia of Nassau-Dillenburg (1680 in Dillenburg – 1738) was a daughter of Prince Henry of Nassau-Dillenburg and his wife Dorothea Elisabeth, a daughter of George III of Brieg.

In 1706 in Dillenburg, she married Prince William Henry of Nassau-Usingen. The couple had ten children; the first child was born on 3 April 1707 and the last one on 6 March 1718. Four children reached adulthood:

William Henry died in 1718, and Charlotte Amalia became regent for her underage son Charles.