Cheat Satrey

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Jeat Satrei
Also known as 'Cheat Chea Satrei or Jeat Satrey'
Genre Soap opera
Created by Fai Som Ang
Written by Fai Som Ang (Head writer)
Country of origin Cambodia
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s) Fai Som Ang
Running time 45 minutes
Distributor SSB Production
Original network Cambodian Television Network
Original release 1997

Cheat Satrey (A Woman's Life) is the 1st ever Khmer TV opera directed by Fai Som Ang starring Pich Saparn, Keo Koliyan, Pich Vong Reksmey, Pong Rottanak, Chea Somnang and many others.


Pich Saparn was shot killed by her husband while filming the TV opera, she was 17 at the time. Thus, aside from being the very 1st Khmer TV opera, the film was also her last film 2 other actresses disappeared after the making of this TV series, one of them being the rising actress Pich Vong Reksmey. After years of being in the film industry, pioneering actresses Keo Koliyana and Pan Sopanny were also cast in this same film for the 1st time.