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Also known as CXCO
Origin Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 1998–1999
Associated acts chee's, METAMO, M@M
Past members Rina Tanaka
Mikuni Shimokawa
Miki Yahagi
Rika Arai
Megumi Igarashi
Asami Kumakiri
Aimi Ueda
Eriko Yoshioka
Megumi Machida
Marina Kushi
Emiko Sasaki
Mam Fujioka
Megumi Nozaki
Ran Shimano
Tomoko Mori
Eriko Matsumoto
Mayu Katō
Satomi Kaida
Hiromi Kobayashi
Ayano Ōtaki
Yuka Ōta

Checkicco (チェキッ娘 Chekikko?) was an idol group formed by Yasushi Akimoto, who was also the producer of the group (he also produced Onyanko Club and is now producing AKB48), along with Masahiro Mizuguchi, a producer for Fuji TV who had the idea of creating "an Onyanko Club for the Heisei era (1989-present)". They debuted in 1998 with the single "Dakishimete". Their name comes from the phrase "Check it!", a catchphrase of Tomoe Shinohara.

There were several things about Checkicco that were similar to Onyanko Club. Like Onyanko Club, Checkicco also hosted their own TV show, called DAIBAtteki!. Each member also had her own number (ID) just like Onyanko Club's members did.

Checkicco broke up on November 3, 1999. At the Girl Pop Factory 2004 event, however, the members performed together as Checkicco again for only one day.

Anime theme singer Mikuni Shimokawa and gravure idol Asami Kumakiri are two well-known former Checkicco members.


Checkicco has released six singles, two albums (counting their best-of album), a small number of IVs, a photobook, and a Dreamcast game. They had several subgroups such as chee's, METAMO, and M@M, however, they were not very successful (their highest selling single, "Hajimari", only sold 32,450 copies with its highest rank as 40 — this was back in the days when best-selling CDs were the ones that sold over 100,000 copies).


  • ID001: Rina Tanaka
  • ID002: Mikuni Shimokawa
  • ID003: Miki Yahagi
  • ID004: Rika Arai
  • ID005: Megumi Igarashi
  • ID006: Asami Kumakiri
  • ID007: Aimi Ueda
  • ID008: Eriko Yoshioka
  • ID009: Megumi Machida
  • ID010: Marina Kushi
  • ID011: Emiko Sasaki
  • ID012: Mami Fujioka
  • ID013: Megumi Nozaki
  • ID014: Ran Shimano
  • ID015: Tomoko Mori
  • ID016: Eriko Matsumoto
  • ID017: Mayu Katō
  • ID018: Satomi Kaida
  • ID019: Hiromi Kobayashi
  • ID020: Ayano Ōtaki
  • ID021: Yuka Ōta