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Page count 104 pages
Publisher Desperado Publishing
Creative team
Writers Bryan Talbot
Artists Bryan Talbot (layouts)
Mark Stafford
Original publication
Date of publication 28 November 2007
ISBN 0979593999

Cherubs! Paradise Lost is a graphic novel by Bryan Talbot who wrote the script and provided the layouts, with the finished art by Mark Stafford.[1][2] It was published by Desperado Publishing in November 2007

Talbot describes it as "an irreverent fast-paced supernatural comedy-adventure."[3]


On the trail of the murdering archangel Abaddon, the Cherubs get stuck in the mind-numbing mediocrity of Limbo - but not for long. They escape and make it to New York City where, looking for signs and portents, they foil a mugging and are befriended by Mary, a sexy 'exotic dancer'. But she has a problem: her boss is Frankie Dracula and his vampire minions are out to kill her!


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