Cheveley Castle

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Cheveley Castle
Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England
Cheveley Castle is located in Cambridgeshire
Cheveley Castle
Cheveley Castle
Coordinates52°13′28″N 0°27′23″E / 52.22441°N 0.45630°E / 52.22441; 0.45630Coordinates: 52°13′28″N 0°27′23″E / 52.22441°N 0.45630°E / 52.22441; 0.45630
TypeFortified manor house in an Edwardian style
Site information
ConditionOnly limited masonry survives
Site history

Cheveley Castle was a medieval fortified manor house near Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, England.


Cheveley Castle was built by Sir John Pulteney, a merchant-financier and Lord Mayor of London, around 1341 on the outskirts of the village of Cheveley.[1] The castle was built in an Edwardian style, with four circular towers, gatehouse and a bailey wall, on an elaborate moated site north-west of the village. It is the only castle of its type to have been built in Cambridgeshire, and was probably intended less for defence than as a high-status hunting lodge - in the 14th century, Cheveley was at the centre of a deer park. The moat at Cheveley may have inspired other, similar moated designs across the eastern region.[2]

The castle deteroriated after the early 17th-century, and today only limited masonry remains exist on the site, which is a scheduled monument.[3]

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