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Chew Green (Ad Fines)
Northumberland, England, UK
Chew Green Roman camp - - 14252.jpg
Chew Green Roman camp
Chew Green (Ad Fines) is located in Northumberland
Chew Green (Ad Fines)
Chew Green (Ad Fines)
Location in Northumberland
Coordinates55°22′16″N 2°20′13″W / 55.371°N 2.337°W / 55.371; -2.337Coordinates: 55°22′16″N 2°20′13″W / 55.371°N 2.337°W / 55.371; -2.337
Grid referenceNT787086

Chew Green is the site of the ancient Roman encampment, commonly but erroneously called Ad Fines, in Northumberland, England,[1] 8 miles (13 km) north of Rochester and 9 miles (14 km) west of Alwinton. The encampment was adjacent to Dere Street, a Roman road that stretched south to York (Eboracum), and almost on the present-day border with Scotland.

Archaeological excavation at Chew Green has uncovered a complex of Roman military camps consisting of a Roman fort, two fortlets, two camps and a section of Roman road. The Roman remains were overlaid with evidence of a medieval settlement that included a small chapel, although the evidence for this latter is based on reports of an undocumented excavation in the 1880s and must be regarded as insubstantial. The largest camp structure is a square that encloses about 17 acres (7 ha) with a defensive rampart and ditch. Evidence inside the fort indicates it was used as permanent settlement. The encampment likely served only as a military base, not a colonial settlement.[2]

The site is within the Northumberland National Park and within the Military Training Area at Otterburn.

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