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This article is about the indie rock band from Switzerland. For other uses, see Chewy (disambiguation).

Chewy is an indie rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland whose sound, which falls somewhere in the realm of noisy, melodic pop-rock, has been compared to bands like Dinosaur Jr. or Superchunk. They released one E.P. and two full-length albums during their initial run: Chewy E.P. (1998), Whattookyousolong (2000), and Somanydynamos (2002), before splitting up in 2003.

Singer songwriter Gregory Wicky then released two albums with his solo project Pendleton, and Mathieu Urfer & Sébastien Altevogt created their own new band, Sigurd.

Chewy reformed in 2011, with the release of a new album, Bravado!, in August. The current line-up is: Gregory Wicky, Guillaume Conne, Christophe Roduit, Sandro Lisci. Their style has moved to a folkier sound, sometimes compared to the likes of Wilco or Neil Young.


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