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Chhachi dialect

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Punjabi dialects[original research?]

Chhachi, Chacchī,[1] or Chachhī[2] (چھاچھی)[citation needed] is a dialect of Hindko spoken in the northwestern parts of Punjab, Pakistan.[3] Grierson classified it within his "North-Western Lahndā" group, whereas Shackle considers it part of Hindko "proper", alongside Ghebī and Avāṅkārī.[1] It is mainly spoken in Attock District, Hazara region and adjacent areas of Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Its name is derived from Chach region in Attock District of Pakistani Punjab where chhachi clan which is sub section of the Kohli Khokhran clan. Khokharan Chhachi's live in India and Pakistan and are Hindu, Sikh or Muslim. The Khokharan are an ancient clan from the areas of West Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Afghanistan. The Khokharan clan consists of Anand, Bhasin, Chadha, Chandhok, Ghai, Gandhok, Kohli, Sawhney, Suri, Sabharwal and Pathan including Yousafzai, Barakzai and Akhunzad. The Chhachi speak Punjabi(Hindko) and are settled in Bhera, Rawalpindi and Hazara. There are approximately 84 villages in the area.


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