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Chiara Fiorini (born 1 February 1956) is a Swiss painter and object artist who lives in Zürich.

Early life[edit]

Born in Acquarossa, Chiara Fiorini grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland and attended primary and secondary school there. In 1978 she received a diploma from University of Fribourg. After that she studied art at the École d'art Martenot and graduated from it in 1981. Then she got a diploma from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts in 1983 in Paris.[1]

Solo exhibitions[edit]

2019 Jedlitschka Gallery Zürich
2019 Atelier Titta Ratti Malvaglia (TI)
2018 Galerie Kunst im West Zürich
2017 Galerie Noseland Schöftland
2016 Widmertheodoridis, Mir war nach Grün Eschlikon (TG)
2015 Art Station Isabella Lanz Zürich
2014 Lebewohlfabrik Zürich
2013 Art Station Isabella Lanz Zürich
2012 Galerie Salone Piazza Grande Curio (TI)
2010 Widmer+Theodoridis Contemporary Zürich
2009 ArtBox 33, Invitation au voyage Thalwil
2009 Grange de Villoison Villabé, F
2009 Galerie Sylva Denzler Zürich
2008 Galerie Kunst im West Zürich
2006 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
2005 Art Galerie Rorschach Rorschach
2005 Lebewohlfabrik Zürich                          
2003 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
2002 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
2001 Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
2000 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1999 Casa Cavalier Pellanda Biasca (TI)
1998 Galerie Christine Brügger Bern
1997 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1995 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1992 Galerie d’Art International Paris
1992 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1992 Spazio XXI Bellinzona
1989 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1987 Galerie Ursula Wiedenkeller Zürich
1986 Château de Vuillerens Vuillerens (VD)
1986 Praxis Bückert – Ramer Zürich-Oerlikon
1985 Galerie du Stalden Fribourg
1984 Galerie d’Art International Chicago
1983 Galerie d’Art International Paris
1982 Galerie Deschamps Louviers, F
1982 Palais de l’Europe Le Touquet, F
1981 Galerie d’Art International Paris


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