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Chicago Public Media
Goli Sheikholeslami
SubsidiariesWBEZ, WBEW, WRTE, This American Life, Sound Opinions
Formerly called
The WBEZ Alliance

Chicago Public Media is a not-for-profit media company that operates as the primary National Public Radio member organization for Chicago. It owns three non-commercial educational FM broadcast stations and one FM translator, and produces the programs Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! for NPR stations, This American Life which is self-distributed but uses PRX for distribution to other radio stations, and Sound Opinions for PRX. CPM is based at Navy Pier in Chicago.

The organization was started to take over the operation of 91.5 WBEZ from the Chicago Board of Education in 1990. Until April 2010, the company's legal name was The WBEZ Alliance, Inc. and it used the name Chicago Public Radio for its primary radio station and corporate identity.[1]

On June 22, 2012, it was announced that CPM had purchased troubled WRTE-FM from National Museum of Mexican Art.

Radio stations[edit]

  • 91.5 WBEZ is Chicago's main public radio station. CPM and WBEZ were both known as "Chicago Public Radio" in the past. It is rebroadcast by 90.7 WBEQ in Morris, 91.1 WBEK in Kankakee, and translators 91.1 W216CL in Chicago and 91.7 FM W219CD in Elgin.
  • 89.5 WBEW at Chesterton, Indiana is the radio station of "Vocalo", a user-created content project in which people send in their own content to be played on 89.5 or across Internet streaming. From 2002 to 2007 it was a rebroadcaster of WBEZ as well.
  • 90.7 WRTE is a jazz music station in Chicago.


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