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Read/Write Library
Read-Write Library entrance.jpg
Country United States
Type volunteer
Established 2006
Location 914 N. California, Chicago, IL

The Read/Write Library is "a repository of pamphlets, zines, community plans, oral histories, neighborhood newspapers, literary magazines from CPS schools and state prisons, parish-church and settlement-house cookbooks, self-published poetry and novels, and other ephemera that, taken together, tells the story of Chicago by Chicagoans in their own words, not filtered through the perspectives of academics or journalists."[1]

The library was founded by Nell Taylor in 2006 as the Chicago Underground Library.[2] The library started out in the now-defunct MoJoe’s coffee shop, a Roscoe Village hangout and hub for zine-related activity in Chicago.[3]

It moved to Humboldt Park in 2011.[1]


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