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Chiganoura stable (千賀ノ浦部屋, Chiganoura-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, as of 2018 part of the Nishonoseki ichimon or group of stables. It is located in Taitō nearby the Sensō-ji temple.[1] It was set up in September 2004 by former sekiwake Masudayama, who branched off from Kasugano stable of the Dewanoumi ichimon at the unusually late age of 53, after he lost out to Tochinowaka in his bid to take over Kasugano stable.[2] It is home to the only Hungarian in professional sumo, Masutoo, who was on the podium at the 2004 Junior Sumo World Championships alongside Tochinoshin, Goeido and Kaisei but has yet to progress beyond the makushita division in professional sumo.[1] In April 2016 the former Takamisugi took over the running of the stable when ex-Masudayama reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, and aligned the stable with the Takanohana ichimon, leaving the Dewanoumi ichimon. The former Chiganoura changed to Tokiwayama and was re-employed by the stable as a consultant for five years. As of January 2019 it had 17 wrestlers. In June 2018 the Takanohana ichimon dissolved and Chiganoura joined the Ōnomatsu group, with ex-Masudayama choosing to be unaffiliated. In September, the stable joined the Nishonoseki group and on 1 October Chiganoura adopted the wrestlers and staff from the defunct Takanohana stable following the resignation of Takanohana from the Japan Sumo Association.[3] In November Takakeisho won the top division championship in his first tournament for his new stable, and March 2019 was promoted to ōzeki.[1]

Ring name conventions[edit]

Many wrestlers at this stable take ring names or shikona that begin with the character 舛 (read: masu), in deference to their former coach and the stable's founder, the former Masudayama. Examples include Masunosho, Masutoo and Masutenryu. However, when Masunosho was promoted to the jūryō division after the September 2017 tournament his shikona was changed to Takanosho, after the new head coach Takamisugi.


Notable active wrestlers[edit]




  • Kimura Hideaki (makushita gyōji, real name Akira Moriyasu)
  • Kimura Masatoshi (jonidan gyoji, real name Shohei Uto)



  • Tokotaka (1st class tokoyama)
  • Tokokatsu (1st class tokoyama)
  • Tokosen (third class tokoyama)

Location and Access[edit]

Tokyo, Taitō Ward, Hashiba 1-16-5
16 minute walk from Minami-Senju Station on Jōban Line and Hibiya Line subway

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